Refueling the modern web
with fresh ideas.

Octane builds and develops software products for the Internet. We’ve done everything from operate a full-service web hosting company to launching an open domain registry. If you ever wanted to know who owns a website or it’s history, we’ve also cataloged almost every domain on the Internet.

Innovation happens when you push the envelope of product development so your users are surprised and delighted. Octane’s DNS intelligence and domain tools make the web a better place.


A web hosting platform built for ambitious digital experiences.

Resolve Zero

A free, secure, and automated third-level domain registry.

Domain Butter

Comprehensive domain and DNS intelligence. Better with butter.


The real-time mobile app that makes tracking your trips easier and raises the bar on flight tracking.

Xamarin Forms Video Player

Cross-platform video player component for Xamarin mobile developers.

Xamarin.Forms Video Player